Thermo Black X Muscle Building Reviews

Few weeks back, I began using Thermo Black X, a supplement that has given me fantastic results. Read my review cum experience to know more about this amazing product.

About the Product…

It is a muscle building supplement which introduces itself as the ‘High Metabolic Calorie Booster’. It promises to cater to one’s fat loss as well as perseverance requirements. It claims to enhance the outcomes of one’s workout by preventing excess hunger cravings, burning excess fat and helping maintain bulky muscles.

Pack Details!

It comes in pack of 30 days, contains 60 capsules. It claims that capsules and bottle have manufactured in a certified facility under supervision and as per direction laid out by licensing authorities.

Thermo Black X Ingredients

As per the information made public by official website:

  • EGCG
  • Resveratrol
  • Cayenne

How Does Thermo Black X Work?

  • EGCG helps in the suppression of appetite naturally
  • Cayenne enhances natural metabolism and helps in burning fat within the body
  • Resveratrol also burns fat and maintains protein synthesis up to the mark in the body which not only enhances the workout outcome but also helps in gaining muscle mass

What to Expect when using it?

  • Fat loss
  • High muscle mass
  • High metabolism and stamina
  • Better workout quality

When to Expect?

Within 20-80 days of regular using it, you can expect to see results.

How was my Experience?

On my Gym trainer’s suggestion, I started taking the supplement and it’s been 25 days since I’ve been using it. My diet involves veggies (I’m vegetarian) and everyday workout duration (when started using supplement) was 60 minutes. The results:

  • Felt lasting muscle pumps
  • Stamina grew and I didn’t feel exhausted after lifting heavy weights
  • Started doing more reps per set and could lift effortlessly now
  • Didn’t feel any hunger cravings like I would earlier post workout
  • Didn’t feel much tired after workout
  • Felt energetic even after dinner and lunch

Side Effects?

One reason why I am still using it is that it doesn’t lead to any unwanted harmful effects. So, yes, it is safe for consumption.

Would I Recommend it?

I am definitely repurchasing it and would recommend it to those looking for a natural, harmless fat buster cum muscle building product.


  • Don’t overdose
  • Eat a healthy diet and workout well for best results
  • Don’t use if you are under 18 years of age or allergic to any ingredients listed above


Where to Buy?

Thermo Black X can be directly availed from its official website. Claim your free pack now!